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Personal Trainer located Rockville, MD, serving
Bethesda & Rockville, Montgomery County, MD.
Your personal fitness trainer will help
you achieve your weight & fitness goals.

Our personal trainers will come to you, or you can workout in our custom private gym.

Fitness that is not just personal, but private in our
custom private gym!

Here's what sets us apart from other personal trainers..., we have our own custom gym available for private personal fitness training or for small groups working on the same fitness goal.

We offer one-on-one personal fitness training with no distractions, no waiting to use equipment; your own private personal training session that is 100% devoted to your specific needs.

We will design a personal fitness program that helps you with healthy weight loss, nutrition, workout programs, strength training, muscle building, increasing metabolism, and cardiovascular conditioning. Our fitness training programs are designed to help you make life changes that will help you continue to maintain your ideal weight and fitness levels for life. Our private fitness studio allows you privacy and complete personal attention, which can guarantee a fun and challenging workout. Visit our website to learn more about our personal training & fitness programs.

The pounds just came off and several inches shed off my waistline! Training with Domenic gave me the expertise and accountability I needed to reach my target weight and fitness goals.
                                                       Jenny, Rockville, MD

Read more testimonials about our personal fitness training services.

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Call today for your complimentary fitness assessment.

Assessments Include body fat percentage, measurements, strength, flexibility, endurance, daily caloric profile, and nutritional goals. See some of our personal training and fitness packages at our website.

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Learn more now about our personal fitness training
programs at our website.

Fitness Studio
Located Rockville, MD

Don't have time to make it to our private gym? We will
come to you for a completely private and personal fitness training experience!

Our Workout Programs

Our personal training sessions are private and offer one on one personal training with a certified personal trainer in one of our private fitness studios or in the privacy of your home or gym.

Personal Training For Weight Loss:

See rapid results with our high intensity workout programs that are designed to increase cardiovascular conditioning, build lean muscle, reduce body fat, and burn double the calories of a traditional exercise program!

Personal Training for Strength Training and Muscle Building:

Build muscle, strength, and overall physical appearance with our strength training workout programs! Designed to significantly help with muscle building!

Personal Training To Tone and Build Lean Muscle:

A workout program designed to build longer, leaner muscles while increasing strength, endurance, and muscle tone!

Fitness Boot Camp Training:

Boot camps are designed for small groups (3-10 members) who want to get a full body workout,
burn more calories, build lean muscle, decrease body fat, and build cardiovascular conditioning.

private fitness training groups

Small Group Circuit Training Classes:

This workout program is designed for 2-3 members who are looking to burn more calories while toning and developing muscle definition. Get a great workout in a condensed 30 minute personal training session! Workout with a small group or some friends; visit our website now for more information.

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Personal Training/Partner Training:

Grab a partner and get into shape! This program is designed for one trainer and two clients with similar goals. Partner fitness training can be very cost effective while allowing you to share your workout program and experience with a partner! Stay fit together in our private fitness studio in Rockville, MD.


Training with Olympic Fitness has been a vital part of my muscle toning and weight loss routine. Domenic really understands and educates his clients on the importance of having a good balance of strength training, cardiovascular training, and developing healthy eating habits.   Kim, Bethesda, MD.


    Weight Management

The number on a scale doesn’t tell you much about your health and fitness status, or even how you look! A crucial part of determining how much you should weigh has to do with what makes up that weight. For example, is your weight made up of a healthy ratio of muscle, bone, and fat? Knowing this can help you interpret your scale reading.

Your eating habits, physical activity patterns, other lifestyle choices, body composition and genetics are more important than any number on the scale in determining what weight is right for you.

The only way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit. One pound of fat equals 3500 calories. So, in theory, to lose ˝ pound to 1 pound a week, that means creating a deficit of 250 to 500 calories per day (This can be effective by eating fewer calories and burning more in physical activity). Of course, genetic differences determine how easy it is for you personally to lose weight.

Our personal trainer can help guide and advise you on your progress and encourage you through the process of getting to the fitness and weight goal are striving to acheive. Read more now about weight management services with our personal training program.

Getting on the scales

Serving Bethesda & Rockville, MD. (Montgomery County, MD)
Rockville, MD 20852

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